Places to visit

There is a lot to do in the surrounding area! At the campsite, we have compiled a folder with information on fun activities and attractions in the area. Book your pitch now, enjoy not only our cosy campsite, but also discover the beautiful region we are in. Here are some great ideas:

Road trip Gaume region

From the campsite we have mapped out a beautiful road trip that guides you over 120 kilometres through the Gaume region with several highlights such as the Abbey of Orval, the citadel of Montmedy and the most southern beautiful village of Belgium, Torgny. 

At the campsite you will find information about this and much more in the form of sheets and GPS files.

Au coeur de l'Ardoise & CapNature (5 km)

Descend 25 metres underground and discover what it used to be like to be an Ardennes miner. How about something a bit more exciting? Push your limits at CapNature which you will also find on the domain. They offer adventure courses for all ages and all levels: from monkey bridges to Tarzan jumps!

Les Cavaliers de Saint-Remacle (2 km)

Discover the Semois Valley on horseback together with horse-riding instructors Cécile a Michel. They are not only experienced riders, but also a source of information on the region’s fauna and flora. You can ride together for a few hours, a day or even several days, in a group or privately.

Abbey Notre-Dame d’Orval (26,5 km)

Orval Abbey, founded in 1132, is one of Belgium’s most remarkable Cistercian abbeys. Today, it is still home to a community of monks who make Orval’s famous beer and cheese. Visit the ruins and museum and taste the delicious cheeses and beers. The green Orval on draught is highly recommended!

Castle of Bouillon (20 km)

Visit one of Belgium’s largest fortified castles and travel through 1,000 years of history. The castle towers high above Bouillon and offers stunning views over the city. Let yourself be guided through the many corridors and rooms in the castle and attend the falconry show in the courtyard.

In July and August, you can also visit the castle at night by torchlight together with a guide dressed as in the Middle Ages.

Sedan (34 km)

Sedan is a typical French town just across the border and is barely half an hour’s drive from the campsite. Sedan is best known for the Sedan Castle, the largest military fortress in Europe. It is the town’s main attraction. But Sedan has much more to offer. Visit the Saint Charles church or go to the covered market on Saturday morning, stroll through the beautiful streets of Sedan and have a drink in the oldest café in town ‘Le Roy de la Bière’. In the surrounding area, you can make beautiful walks and bike rides.

Euro Space Center (28,5 km)

Experience the unique experience of astronaut training at the Euro Space Centre. Visit the Mars village, walk on the moon, experience what it feels like to be weightless and learn how astronauts pee in space. Fun guaranteed for the whole family!

Bastogne War Museum (56 km)

The Bastogne War Museum is the most important World War II memorial in the Ardennes and in Belgium. The museum focuses mainly on the Battle of the Bulge. At the heart of this unique museum, you will be immersed in an immersive experience with three multi-sensory presentations that let you follow the journey of four characters at the centre of the conflict. Discover this important period in history through a first-person perspective.

La Bergerie d'Acremont (15 km)

About 250 Belgian dairy sheep run on Peter and Barbara’s farm. Peter and Barbara process the milk into cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and other dairy products. Want to buy a piece of cheese, eat an ice cream or visit the farm? You can do so on Thursdays from 5 untill 7pm and Saturdays from 2 untill 5pm. During school holidays, you can also visit the farm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 3pm to 5pm each time.